Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Someone please tell KSA-2 TV that its Pakistan, NOT Pakistatn!!!

 Cannot believe this is a local channel from Saudi Arabia!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Three cheers for the Brave Tunisian People

The last couple of days have been full of surprises. The videos (aired on various newschannels) about how the tunisian people finally revolted against their dictator and finally chased him out of the country are simply awe-inspiring, atleast for the Muslims. Or may be just for Pakistan.

As an expat, I rarely get affected by the shit conditions prevalent in Pakistan but that doesn't mean I don't feel the pain of fellow Pakistanis living there...and this would hold true even if my family wasn't based there. Like Kamran Khan (Geo TV) I wish there was someway all the Pakistanis would get together and throw out all the corrupt so-called leaders of our country, just the way the Tunisians did. In any case three cheers for the Tunisians.

But, a rather shocking event was when I found out that the country that has given refuge to the Tunisian suppressor is infact Saudi Arabia. Really don't know what they are thinking...why is that when a former Pakistani Prime Minister's government was toppled and he got exiled, it was Saudi Arabia that openly welcomed him. Wondering which leader will next become a long-temporary-citizen of this land. Any guesses?

Easy Meat

A wee bit late in reading yesterday's newspaper today, but I couldn't ignore mentioning this wonderful objective piece by Iman Kurdi in Arab News commenting on the Former British Home Secretary's statement of calling his own 'white' trash as easy meat for men of Pakistani descent.

I loved her perspective on asking readers to understand the real reason behind why infact Muslim men and not just Pakistani men think of non-Muslim women as easy targets for sexual abuse. Finally someone who isn't bashing Pakistanis for being Pakistanis ( commonly associated with everything wrong going on in this world especially terrorism and corruption).

I'm Back

I've been away too long...and lots has happened since my last post. I became a silent observer not by choice but by the blessing bestowed upon me...I am now a mother. My views about things may have changed but the feminist, the radical, the rebel in me lives on...Yes! I'm back.