Saturday, January 7, 2012

Fatburger Riyadh– A Fat Disappointment

Alright first of all let’s get the facts straight:

Fatburger is not for fat people – the portion size is so flipping small, even if you go for their XL sized burger! Not to mention the seating arrangement is not comfortable for so-called BULKY aka FAT people.

Fatburger is not for women with lipstick – Unlike traditional burgers where ladies donning lipsticks can get away with munching on them, a Fatburger is simply so greasy & soggy that you’ll end up making a mess of your face.

Fatburger may be the best awarded burger in Los Angeles – but it isn’t winning no awards here. (We love you FUDDRUCKERS) 

Fatburger is unreasonably expensive – Already the burgers are priced higher and if you have to pay extra for cheese, bacon strips and even fries, then seriously Fatburger is taking it too seriously!

After a lot of hoo-ha about Fatburger me and my husband gave it a try last night. Now you can say we’re biased coz my hubby is a big fan of FUDDRUCKERS so when we were heading to Fatburger we knew we were going to compare it to the best (now for some people Johnny Rockets is the best but for us FUDDRUCKERS it is). Anyways when we opened the menu and saw the sizes and no-frills (extras) approach that Fatburger was dishing out we were seriously disappointed. But we patiently waited for our burgers to arrive. And, when they did, all I could mutter was GREASE!!!!! They should change the JUICY burgers title to GREASY burgers! The patties were dripping oil and juices, and as a result the bun was completely soggy. Argh! I mean how do you expect me to enjoy the burger patty when all I have is juices trickling down my hand. Mind you! I know the difference between a perfectly moist and soft burger patty, and a dripping one. 

In comparison FUDDRUCKERS, serving just across Fatburger, not only are the burger patties neither dry nor excessively juicy, the portion size is larger with each burger coming with free wedges and a free plate of open salad bar. Now that’s called value for taste!

What more can I say. Honestly speaking, I rest my case.