Monday, April 1, 2013

Oops! A case of English gone seriously wrong at Faisaliah Tower Mall

The other day I was at Faisaliah Tower Mall with my husband, and we happen to come across a rather shocking (and amusing) memo printed and posted on one of the elevators in their underground parking area. Have a look to see what we mean:

Least to say both me and my husband couldn't stop giggling. Now my husband's excuse was ''Cut them some slack, it's not their first language.'' And, I'm like really that's the excuse they would use? What shocks me more is that right above it are housed more than a 100 professional international company offices, and at their (Al Khozama Company) own office they don't seem to have a single bilingual person who can write proper Business English!!! This being the case, we're sure to see a lot more 'entertaining' written English communication from them.