Saturday, July 30, 2011

For finger-licking chops & ribs...head to GAD Restaurant in Riyadh

The other day both me and husband were craving for some lip-smacking ribs and that's when my hubby remembered his all-time favourite Egyptian joint that serve the most delicious finger-licking chops & ribs that one can dream off. Grilled to perfection, not only are they soft and succulent but seriously tasty! Its not the first time I went there with my hubby. This was the 3rd time actually and each time around we leave feeling thoroughly and completely satisfied! 

We usually go to the Malaz branch and between just me and my husband (my husband being a die-hard beef/meat lover) we order for 1/2 kilo of ribs and 1/2 of another absolutely favourite and must-have ''Tourb". Tourb are basically meat with parsley patties that are basically cooked with fat, so for anyone who's on a fat-free/low calorie diet, this is NOT for you. Despite being grilled, these chops and meat patties are quite fattening yet full of flavour. The total with a couple of soft drinks comes out to SR 110 only. Though some might argue this is on the expensive side, I'd say its worth paying for. So if A) you're a meat lover and B) you literally have a BIG appetite head to GAD for an amazing experience. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ladies: It's time to rejoice...FINALLY they get it!

I'm absolutely thrilled with the new initiatives that the Saudi government is taking to get more and more women involved in their workforce. Even if its Saudi women, and not expat I'm still really very happy. I just hope that the magic spreads to places like Riyadh too where we are dying to see some lady workers. Not to mention I feel like dancing at the announcement that all lingerie shop owners have been give 12 months to replace their male attendants with female ones. FINALLY! they get it, if you know what I mean. Though I never got a chance to be involved in the Enough Embarrassment campaign that drove this point home for the Saudi authorities, I just can't seem to thank them enough. No wonder recently I saw a Saudi woman clad in full hijab/abaya at Centrepoint's lingerie section, not to mention the section has a special partition and has been made Women Only. Yippie!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saudi Arabia has a Human Rights Commission! REALLY What for?

The other day me and husband drove past this building which had a human rights commission board on it. Needless to mention, I was shocked that it existed especially here in Saudi Arabia. With the lack of protection granted to expat workers especially domestic servants/maids, labourers, etc. I really wonder what real work the so-called Human Rights employees would be doing here. 

It saddens me each time I read a news-story about a maid being abused, raped, and assaulted in the paper. The worse is when these very women who in an attempt to save themselves end up killing their attackers are sentenced to death or worse have to pay blood money. I would like to ask these so-called human rights people that when a maid dies here because of an attacker, how many a times has a significant amount been paid to their families as blood money. Why are they exempt from this rule? Just because they are considered worthless in the society?!! 

I’ve personally heard and read so many horrific tales & cases of exploit and sexual assault on these women that I just can’t bring myself to side with their sponsors’. Everyone seems to complain that their are alot of runaway maids here. Yes! there are those who runaway for better money elsewhere but I wouldn’t be surprised  if 50% of them run away from their sponsors because the sponsor misbehaved with them, or made sexual advances at them (I do personally know of some who did so to escape being raped). I don’t know who these sponsors are but I sure hope and pray that they rot in hell for treating these women with such insolence.

That said by far I have only heard one good sponsor story here in Saudi Arabia, and many a times I have thanked God for whoever he is and pray that there are or could be more like him in this country.

Anyways I’m glad with the recent announcement of both Indonesian and Philippine government about not sending any more maids to this soil until better measures are taken to protect their people. We can only hope and pray for the best. 

The other day I thanked God for the fact that the Pakistani government never lifted its ban (since the 80s) on supplying women as domestic servants/maids to countries outside. Though it would ease the life of many Pakistani expat families living abroad including here in Saudi Arabia who have to go through the tantrums of Sri Lankan and Indian maids, but any of these problems are acceptable but certainly not exposing and endangering the life of the Pakistani maids in such countries. 

Friday, July 1, 2011

All that Glitters is in Riyadh!

Seriously! Cars dusted with Gold glitter!!!!!!!! See for yourself. I don't know what was worse - seeing a SUV pasted with Louis Vuitton paper all over it (couple of months back) or this!