Saturday, July 3, 2010

Strange(!!!) but True - Things about Saudi Arabia

  • Possibly the only place where you can find a junk food outlet located within a hospital, case in point Dunkin Donuts @ Olaya Medical Centre
  • In some Western-dominated compounds women are not just expected but infact required to remove their Abayas
  • Women apparently can actually buy cars (yes! register vehicles on their names) BUT just not allowed to drive them (haha!)
Note: This post is most likely going to be another work in progress as I'm confident that I will surely discover more 'strange' and funny things about this place.


  1. Dear Sameera,

    Regarding the junk food outlet, there are fast food outlets in many hospitals across the US, off the top of my head, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston has a Dunkin Donuts.

  2. the third one's really weird right?! i own our car but i couldnt even pretend to drive it!! lol

    and oh, there's dunkin donuts and kudu in king faisal specialist hospital and research center, more grease please! :D

    nice blog!


  3. we have drivers to drive for us<<<