Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Where We Ate In Paris

Rather unfortunately while in Paris we tried a level best to look for Halal food but may be it was the area we were staying in (walking distance from Arc De Trimophe), we couldn’t find a single restaurant which served Halal food. We used to spend our afternoons (amidst all our exploring and trips) looking for Halal food joints but no matter which map we followed  or whoever we asked we simply never found the exact location and hence ended up eating at non-halal joints. If you’re a Muslim, please understand that the below is recommended only in case you aren’t able to find a decent Halal restaurant. Hope you understand.  

Nai Restaurant
Cuisine: Lebanese (NOT Halal)
What we had:
  •          Shish Tawook plate - €18
  •         Chicken Shawarma plate - €18

Total Bill: €36 without soft drinks

We dined here 2 nights out of the 4 that we stayed in Paris, so you can imagine how much we liked it. Very honestly after a long day of exploring and walking, we wanted to have hearty portions that would satisfy not just our appetite but also our taste buds. Hence we didn’t take any chances at trying Parisian cuisine. We stuck to what we like best - Lebanese cuisine. And, we were lucky that this restaurant was relatively close to our hotel.

Feedback: A bit expensive but truly lived up to our expectations of a fabulous meal. The taste was truly Lebanese in every way. In fact the staff too was of Lebanese origin, and ofcourse spoke fluent French. Definitely recommended to all those flying from this region, and want to play it safe on the 1st day ;)

Pizzeria Fiorentina
Cuisine: Italian (Not Halal)
What we tried:
·         2 Pizza Poulet (chicken) – €10.99 each
·         Pates Au Poulet (chicken pasta with white sauce) – €11.99
·         Pates A La Rabiatta (chicken pasta with Arrabiata sauce) – €9.99

Total Bill: €51.94 including soft drinks (we were very hungry)

Out of the remaining nights, we only dined here. Why? Simply because this Italian joint was truly awesome. We happen to be returning from the Eiffel Tower and realised that it was past 9:30. By the time we would reach the hotel, it would be close to 11pm and most of the restaurants in our area would have closed by then. Hence we decided to take a chance with Pizzeria Fiorentina.

Feedback: The waiter was extremely charming and helpful, hence full marks for the service. Regarding the food all I can say is that it was the best I had in both Paris and Italy. Yes! I said Italy! I mean if I ever go back to Paris, I may not go to see Eiffel Tower but will surely drop by this joint to have my favourite food. That’s how much we loved it. I mean come one the next day being our last day in Paris, this restaurant was completely out of our way, yet we took the sub and headed straight for Pizzeria Fiorentina. Hence, my recommendation for all those planning to visit the Eiffel Tower, try this restaurant you’ll love it. It’s right opposite the Bir Hakiem metro stop, next to Subway. 

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