Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Someone please tell KSA-2 TV that its Pakistan, NOT Pakistatn!!!

 Cannot believe this is a local channel from Saudi Arabia!


  1. there are way too many incorrectly spelled words in RUH esp. in buildings, i have totally forgotten what i told my husband earlier, we're malaz bound when i saw this govt agency whose signage was totally screwed up spelling wise... anyhoo... i am not much to correct spelling errors but come on, these bldgs. are multi-million worth!they could have hired someone who knows enough to make things right!

  2. Please as if KSA-2 TV is any good! I cringe every time I watch a show! Their English is just terrible but I guess Saudi people who know perfect English (such as myself..what? it is true! lol)don't want to be on TV let a lone government suck TV. switch to MBC.(: