Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Yes I admit and I realise that my blog has become outdated. So much for posting just back in January of this year announcing my comeback! Ha!

The deal is very honestly I’ve just not had a chance to resume being a blogger again. No! it wasn’t the ‘new mommy’ thing but in fact because I tried my hand at working full time. Went for some interviews around town, landed the job too but eventually gave them up. Now this was a big deal for me because for the whole of last year I tried looking for a job in Riyadh but did not get a single call. And, here from beginning of this year it was like the complete 360 degree. However, I let go of these opportunities. Why simply because I had got accustomed to being at home. That said I’m not free, I’ve started freelancing and that is why I had to let my own blog take a back seat.  

I’m now going to make it point to revive this blog with weekly posts. And I hope to have some new comments and followers to keep me going J

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