Sunday, June 26, 2011

Anatolia Turkish Grill...A Diner’s Delight!

I honestly cannot even begin to describe what an absolute delight this Turkish restaurant is. My husband and I have been here 4 times already which clearly explains how fond we are of the place, the service and the quality of food. I thought it was time after our 4th visit to give them a review that they truly deserved.

That said the only trouble with the place is that it does not have a spacious family hall. It’s quite tiny actually and possibly can serve upto 10-12 families of 6 at a time only. Perhaps that is a reason why I’ve noticed lots of people coming in and ordering takeaways. Either way these guys are very busy and much in demand. We’ve tried them on weekdays and weekends but have never once been disappointed.

As you walk in you are greeted pleasantly and made to sit on the only waiting sofa. They hand you the menus and give you time to select what you would like. Once ready to order, they take your orders and seat you comfortably at a family table. Once seated they bring in their steaming hot (literally out of the oven) bread, with the most delicate butter slice and a cheese slice. To be very honest this itself serves as an appetiser but still we can help order some of our favourites listed below:

  • Humus – was kind of average. We ordered it only the 1st time around, other 2 times didn’t need to.
  • Peynirli Pide (appetiser)– a kind of cheese manakish, but simply superb.
  • Adana Kebap – long kebabs like seekh kebabs but they are simply irresistible. I claim these to be the best seekh kebabs I have ever had in 30 years. They are not spicy but you will feel with every bite a rich blend of distinct flavours of herbs and spices in your mouth. Meat lovers cannot leave without trying this.
  • Tavuk Papyon – these are long kofte kebabs rolled and stuffed with smouldering cheese and mushrooms.... umm!!! an absolute must for cheesy lovers!
  • Peynirli Kofte – similar to the Tavuk papyon just that this one is made out of beef/meat and has no mushrooms in it. Another delight!
 You can view their menu here
Both I and my husband love Anatolia Turkish Grill located at the Granada Mall. Even the waiters/attendants recognise and welcome us with a lovely smile each time around. I just hope they can open more of their branches around town with much spacious family quarters. From my side they get a thumbs up for everything!

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