Sunday, December 30, 2012

Street One Cafe, Islamabad - Great food & Awesome Ambiance

It's been a while since I posted anything on my blog. Was actually away for a few months in Pakistan to take care of a family emergency. Got back and had a lot on my plate to accomplish especially since I'm planning another trip (hopefully a shorter one than the last one) to Pakistan in January 2013 (inshaAllah).

Anyways while in Pakistan me and my husband checked out some eateries/restaurants, and one of them worth mentioning here is Kohsar Market, Islamabad's Street One Cafe. It was recommended by my cousin and it certainly lived up to our expectations. Though it's relatively new, having opened back in 2011, it's built quite a name and clientele for itself . I was told (by my cousin) that the crowd consisted mostly of 'foreigners/diplomats' which turned out true, but then again why wouldn't it, their food and presentation is excellent, the decor just perfect and the ambiance certainly hits the right chords. Sharing a few pics of the food we ordered. If you happen to visit them, which I do recommend, in the appetizers, give their light-airy nachos a try. 

The monetary damage was PKR 3200 (SR 124) only excluding dessert 'coz we didn't order any (had a 3 pound cake at home to finish).

We had been searching for the right kind of Italian restaurant in Islamabad/Rawalpindi, and though Street One Cafe doesn't specialise in any one cuisine infact has a varied International menu, the dishes we chose didn't disappoint us at all. I'm sure I'll be paying them a visit again soon :) 


  1. I finally went their myself and ordered the italian chicken (which i believe is the last picture above) and it was sooo yummm...i think i got three chicken portions instead of the two i can see above :D

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