Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Saudi men told how to stop flirting, harassing women - Newsrelease from March 28, 2010

For the lack of words!!!!! "Saudi men told how to stop flirting, harassing women"...I mean I'd love to know who's line is this (anyway).

I broke out laughing when I read this newsrelease. For me the story isn't as much of a shock as is the ridiculous title!!!

Like seriously...get a life!


  1. As ridiculous as it may sound, these saudi "shabab" could do with a serious lesson or two, or ten billion, on the matter. Growing up in saudi, i have been randomly handed phone numbers, had the number stuffed into my shopping bag when i did not take it, been followed home both on foot and in the car, countless times by these frustrated and pathetic men!
    There is actually a shopping area here where guys (every age from 16 - 60), some alone, but mostly in groups, drive round and round the blocks just checking out the women! Some stop their cars and hold up all the traffic behind them saying stuff in arabic to women walking past... i do not know what their purpose is, maybe they hope to get a phone number, or just do it for kicks! The latter being more likely... The worst part is, none of this is exaggeration!

  2. Lol as if young guys would listen to anyone when told to stop flirting with women! really funny title!