Friday, April 30, 2010

He turns out to be she - Arab News (April 27, 2010)

Have to admit I've been waiting for news of the kind ever since landing in Saudi Arabia. That's why it didn't come as a shock at all when I read the news bit He turns out to be she

Infact I'm confident that very recently just oppposite the Dominos Pizza on Talateen street, outside the GNC store I saw a couple. And, no! not a man-man couple but a man-woman couple where the woman was dressed as a man in the traditional thobe and shumag (her partner was dressed in jeans and a shirt). The reason they caught my attention was because the man-cum-woman had a very girly gait, wore a girl's watch, had the most perfectly shaped eyebrows, and was very conscious about the way the loose ends of the shumag covered her upper bod. Not to mention her french beard seem fake. I couldn't stop staring at her and when she noticed how I acutely I was observing her, she held her shumag even more closer to herself and whispered something to her (genuine) male partner. I simply smiled in her direction but she quickly turned her head away (a young Saudi man would've never done that!) And, that's what confirmed my doubt. Well, I just hope she wasn't and never gets caught.

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