Monday, May 3, 2010

Review: Friday Brunch at Marriott Riyadh

I’ve come to realise that a very common occurrence-cum-ritual presumably all across the Middle East - is the Friday Brunch. It was seemingly popular in Dubai and looks like Riyadh is certainly no different. Here I’ve actually seen families even as big as 12+ people at the most popular brunch joints.

(To say the least, I certainly support the late Friday brunches, for the simple reason we women for a change don’t have to ‘plan’ what to cook).

So in keeping up with that ‘noble’ tradition, a couple of weeks back my husband and I were invited by family friends for a Friday Brunch at the Marriott Riyadh. And, oh! what a brunch it turned out to be. Imagine walking in and having yummy delicacies spread all around, and I mean literally. We stepped in around 12:30pm, which need I mention is the best time to get the seat you want by the window overlooking a mini garden. The international buffet was one of the most lavish I’ve seen ¬- 40 to 45 assorted salads, 12 to 15 main course dishes, and close to 40 different kinds of desserts. Not to mention the Live Cooking Stations - Shawarma (Beef, Chicken & Fish), Italian Pasta, and Saj. They also have on a week-by-week basis the Mexican Fajitas and Quesadillas cooking stations too. I can still smell the fajitas!

In short, the food was great and the service was nothing less. A must-visit if you’re into Friday Brunches. This one opens from 12 to 4pm and costs SR 115 per person (including the 15% service charge).

Update: Had completely forgotten (my husband just reminded me) that we saw George Kurdahi, the all-famous host of the Arabic version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (Man sa yarbah al malyoon) feasting at the brunch too. Didn't get to see his plate though!

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