Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Atleast we are not Dubai Versus Atleast we are Dubai

Though I realise I'm a bit late in posting this, I cannot stop myself from mentioning a so-called debate about Dubai between 2 writer-cum-journalists, one hails from Pakistan and the other from Dubai. And, both may I add, are expats in the nations they reside in.

...Last month a Pakistan-based British journalist George Fulton (George who became an icon in Pakistan after his 2005 reality TV show "George Ka Pakistan", married a Pakistani and has been living in Karachi ever since) summarised his recent visit of Dubai in a very interesting manner to say the least. Here's the link to his Dubai-bashing article titled Atleast we are not Dubai. More than a week later, a Dubai-based writer Conor Purcell responded with his (opinion-based) pro-Dubai version titled Atleast we are Dubai. Like I said an interesting read, with due credit to the reader comments of both articles.

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