Sunday, May 9, 2010

Review: Buffalo Southwest Cafe, Tahaliya Street Riyadh

The newly opened Buffalo Southwest Cafe on Tahaliya street is a real treat for all those who love spicy buffalo wings. My husband and I have been there twice in 2 weeks – first time to experience the food for ourselves and the 2nd time around we invited friends for a chatty dinner. Thankfully our friends mirrored our sentiments about the food and the all-smiley quick service. In fact let me add that the service was so quick (during both our visits) that before we were even half way with the appetizers, our main orders had been served, within say 10-12 mins. 

Tried and Tested:
World Famous Buffalo Wings – smokin’ hot! For me and hubby trying anything less than the Scorching level would’ve been a shame (P.S - don’t leave without trying them).
Chicken Del Rio – the 2 chicken breast pieces were larger than most I’ve had, and were perfectly juicy and tender. Requested them to replace the yellow Mexican rice with mashed potatoes...ummmm! The queso verde sauce (along with all mentioned earlier) has made this item my personal favourite from their menu.
Blackjack Beef Burger — my husband liked it so much that he ordered it on both visits. Though the beef bacon strips looked a little burnt on both occasions. 
Total Bill – SR 158 including drinks & 15% service charge

3 things to keep in mind (if you’re thinking of dining at Buffalo):
  1. It is jammmmmm-packed - If you’re looking for a quiet peaceful meal, don’t go here.
  2. Get ready to wait (during the after-7:00pm peak time)- Like any other new (and instantly popular) restaurant in Riyadh, this one has queues of people waiting to be seated, especially those with families of more than 4.
  3. No serving food during the prayer break – They’ll take your order but will let you know that they can only serve your drinks and possibly chips with salsa during the half hour prayer break (P.S- order for the chips with salsa ONLY if you are totally famished AND have arrived 5 mins prior to the prayer break)


  1. amazing! thank you !!
    great review :)

  2. I ate steak & mushroom there ,and me and my friends didn't like it so much...but if you are saying that other stuff is good ...will go there again

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