Sunday, May 16, 2010

Visit to Kingdom Mall (Mamlaka Mall) II - Night time

My 2nd visit to the mall didn’t fail to surprise me (seriously!).

On my 1st trip there were some items that I really liked but I needed a VIP’s input, so on my 2nd trip my husband accompanied me (Wednesday evening). Well to say the least this time the scene in Kingdom Mall was a complete contrast, or may I say a complete black -all I could see were fully veiled women (headscarves, veiled faces, veiled bodies... basically the complete 'black' package) with their families in tow. Not a single woman without a headscarf!!! And, no single men either (not sure if that’s a policy for evening time or only weekends).

Anyways, after sorting and buying what we wanted, me and hubby headed to the food court downstairs for some quick supper. While deciding and queuing at the House of Iranian Cuisine counter (accidentally I was standing with my husband in the men’s section of the counter), we were very kindly interrupted by the-oh!-so-talked-about ‘religious police’ aka Muttawas. They called my husband to a side and after the initial confirmation of whether I’m his wife and that we’re Muslims, the Muttawas told my husband that my abaya was a bit tooooooo fitted!!! And, that as a Muslim husband he should ask me or rather make me cover/veil my face, as if my already covered hair was not enough! Need I say how utterly surprised (and #$ @%#&*) I was after learning what they had said? By the way allow me to clarify, my abaya is NOT at all tightly fitted even my husband vouched for that, though not really to the Muttawas (and no! I don’t blame just never know with these guys).

Well, if you’ve read my Visit to Kingdom Mall (Mamlaka Mall) I - Daytime you must wonder like me: where on earth were these Muttawas on that day?? Coz had they been there, it would’ve been one helluva busy day for them, not to mention for the partially-veiled beauties too ;)

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