Saturday, May 15, 2010

Visit to Kingdom Mall (Mamlaka Mall) I - Daytime

It’s been 5+ months since moving to Saudi Arabia, and I’ve got to admit that I’ve been waiting for the chance when I’ll get to see what young Saudi Arabian women/girls look like, in fact while lunching or dining out I’ve even tried to catch a glimpse of any Saudi woman eating close by (they sometimes remove the veil from their faces while eating) but rather unfortunately haven’t had much success thanks to the barriers/separators at their tables.

But my very recent visit to Kingdom Mall (aka Mamlaka Mall) during daytime did not disappoint me in fact it became a strange surprise. Me and my (girl) friend decided to go in for some shopping to Kingdom Mall on a weekday (by the way it was my 1st visit to the mall). So we get there and lo behold! what do I see...I see young beautiful Arab women strutting their Gucci, D&G, Cartier accessories (and whichever other highly priced brand you want to add to the list). Now you must think: are these so-called brands my way of judging their beauty? Well, of course NOT. The thing is these young girls or women though were donning their designer black robes aka abayas they had no veils on their faces, not to mention they weren’t wearing any headscarves either. That’s how I could tell their elegantly styled locks and their even attractively painted faces. What I couldn’t decide was if they were expat Arabs or of Saudi origin, though from their Arabic accents they did seem Saudi. Regardless, I was pleased.

I’m sure anyone else who would’ve or could’ve caught a few glimpses during lunch hour would’ve been pleased too (mind you! there are separate sections for single men and families/women).

P.S- my husband is of the view that there is nothing called free speech, and I can't help but agree. That's why I had to edit alot of details of this post despite having seen alot more. Like they say: somethings are better left unsaid...

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  1. Hey(:you certainly got me curious about the things you edited out! But if you really want to witness Saudi beauty you should score yourself a wedding invitation believe me when I say you will be shocked when you see what lies behind the veil! in a good way.